What did Kane do to Dani?

But Kane does not take no for an answer and he rapes her. Brodie finds a shocked Dani and calls her parents home.

What happened to Kane radio host?

What happened to Kane from ‘The Kane Show’? Less than a year after The Kane Show came to an abrupt end and stumped listeners, former host Peter Deibler has died. His representatives confirmed that the radio star passed away at the Shady Grove Adventist Medical Center on March 5 after a long illness.

Why did Dani leave the Kane show?

Radio host QUITS DC morning show on air after her co-hosts brought on a nanny who she refused to hire for being too pretty. A Washington DC area morning radio host quit her job, live on air, after her co-hosts blindsided her by bringing a model on as a guest that the woman wouldn’t hire to nanny her children.