What kind of couch does Kanye have?

What kind of couch does Kanye have?

Kanye Paid a Motza For His Sofa For context, it’s estimated that only 150 polar-bear pieces were ever made by Jean Royère. They are so rare and so difficult to obtain now, that a set of two chairs and a sofa sell for around US $1 million, with the sofa alone costing US $600,000.

How much does a dune couch cost?

This sofa is the Dune sofa, designed by Pierre Paulin, made for Pucci. The complete modular set is sold for over 100 thousand dollars.

How much is a Royere sofa?

Ultimately, he stuck with Royère’s mode of production: Twenty designs will be handmade by French artisans to the standard of the originals, with an assist from 3-D rendering software for accuracy. A new Polar Bear sofa takes about a year to produce and goes for around $200,000.