What did Sarah do to Kiara Outer Banks?

Sarah admitted that she dropped Kiara because she liked her and Sarah want anyone to get close to her. They laughed over Kiara admitting to calling the police to have Sarah’s birthday party shut down. Kiara, however, admitted that she didn’t know if they could ever be together like they were before.

Is Kiara jealous of John B and Sarah?

However, soon after this, John B and Sarah together. Kiara who already dislikes Sarah reacts badly to their relationship and she comes across as jealous, trying to force John B to choose either her or Sarah, she gradually begins to accept their relationship, realizing that the two of them really love each other.

Are Kie and Sarah friends?

Kie and Sarah graduate to a close friendship in Season 2 while Kie navigates her off-again-on-again romance with Pope. JJ Maybank is a true and loyal Pogue and one of John B’s best friends.

Who did Kiara sleep with in Outer Banks?

Eventually, Kie decides that she does want to be with Pope which leads to the two of them sleeping together.