What is Kiara’s last name from OBX?

What is Kiara’s last name from OBX?

Kiara Carrera is one of the main characters in Outer Banks.

What ethnicity is Kiara from Outer Banks?

Bailey was born in Kernersville, North Carolina, United States, and was raised in Charleston. She has three brothers and three sisters. She is of African and Italian, and was adopted by white parents.

Who did Kiara sleep with in Outer Banks?

Eventually, Kie decides that she does want to be with Pope which leads to the two of them sleeping together.

How old was Kiara in OBX?

Kiara, or Kie, is the only female member of John B.’s group of friends, known as the “Pogues.” She’s 16, too. Kiara’s parents own a restaurant in the Outer Banks, which sometimes means that she gets dragged to Kook events, like the Midsummer party in episode five of season one.

What is JJ OBX last name?

Rudy Pankow (/ˈpɑːnkoʊ/) is an American actor. He stars as JJ Maybank on the Netflix teen drama series Outer Banks.

Are Kiara and JJ siblings?

JJ and Kiara are besties and members of the close-knit friend group, The Pogues. They haven’t been friends as long as the other Pogue’s, due to her only recently joining the group. They seem to have a flirtatious yet friendly relationship.