How much land does Kid Rock own in Nashville?

How much land does Kid Rock own in Nashville?

What is this? Kid Rock prefers a simple life, although there are a few things that make sense for a man of his success – his trailer is situated on his hugeeee 102-acre plot of land and he says one thing he will never give up is his private jet.

Who owns Tootsies bar in Nashville?

Tootsie’s owner Steve Smith is still on the move, with new projects in the works and an agenda to clean up Lower Broadway. “Nashville’s got the golden goose sitting right downtown and is not taking care of it.” Today, Steve Smith is known around Nashville as the — at times opinionated — king of Lower Broadway.

Do you need a reservation for Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk?

Reservations are neither required nor accepted.

What does Justin Timberlake own in Nashville?

Veteran restaurateur Sam Fox of Fox Restaurant Concepts has partnered with music artist Justin Timberlake to launch the Twelve Thirty Club in Nashville. The $25 million restaurant features a decadent design from AvroKO that honors historic supper clubs through an inviting, unpretentious lens.