Why is Samantha not in the reboot?

Though Samantha has yet to physically appear in the Sex and the City reboot—Cattrall was not interested in reprising her role for reasons you can read about here—the fan favorite’s absence was explained by a falling out between herself and Carrie.

Why didn’t Kim Cattrall come back for And Just Like That?

They didn’t feel comfortable meeting where she wanted to meet,” Parker said. “And so we didn’t do the movie because we didn’t want to do it without Kim, and the studio wasn’t going to do it, so it fell apart.”

Is Kim Cattrall coming back?

The showrunner later told Variety that the door wasn’t open for the How I Met Your Father actress to return. “No. Just like there was no thought that Kim would ever participate in And Just Like That, because she’s said what she had said,” King explained in February 2022.

Why are Carrie and Samantha no longer friends?

“Viewers will learn that Samantha and Carrie have fallen out over Carrie firing Samantha as her publicist and that they no longer talk. This effectively ends their personal relationship. You’ll see as the series progresses over the 10 episodes that Carrie misses her friend and wants to repair the relationship.