Why did Kim Darby quit acting?

And so, after working steadily as an actress since she was 14, Kim Darby stepped aside for almost three years. She spent a lot of time with her daughter, Heather, who is 9. She didn’t read scripts or even think much about them. “I thought it was time to step back and get to know myself better,” she said.

How old was Kim Darby when she married James Stacy?

James Stacy and Kim Darby The 20-year-old Kim Darby, who would soon go toe-to-toe with the Duke in True Grit, played Angel, a young woman who falls hard for the scoundrel Bob Johnson. The actors fell for each other, too, getting hitched in 1968.

How long was James Stacy and Kim Darby married?

During the early 1960s, Stacy was married to actress Connie Stevens, after the two met on the set of the film “Summer Magic.” They divorced in 1966 after three years. A later marriage to Kim Darby (“True Grit”) lasted just a year, ending in divorce in 1969.

Could Kim Darby ride a horse?

“God bless her that she did the whole thing,” said Darby, who admitted she probably was on a horse for only five minutes in the original. “I am really afraid of horses,” she said. “I had a stunt double. She was about 65.