Did John Wayne and Kim Darby get along?

Did John Wayne and Kim Darby get along?

John Wayne didn’t get along with Kim Darby and called her ‘spoiled’ John Wayne: The Man Behind the Myth further explained how the casting decisions impacted Wayne’s working relationship with Darby on the True Grit set. He compared the actor to her character, Mattie. “Kim Darby wasn’t too unlike Mattie,” Wayne said.

How old was Kim Darby when she made True Grit?

Though Steinfeld was just 13 when she played the role of 14-year-old Mattie in the new version, Darby was 21 and the mother of a newborn daughter, Heather, with her first husband, actor James Stacy. During the filming of the movie, she began divorce proceedings against Stacy.

How long was James Stacy and Kim Darby married?

During the early 1960s, Stacy was married to actress Connie Stevens, after the two met on the set of the film “Summer Magic.” They divorced in 1966 after three years. A later marriage to Kim Darby (“True Grit”) lasted just a year, ending in divorce in 1969.