How old was Leviathan when he wrote chug jug with?

How old was Leviathan when he wrote chug jug with?

Leviathan, 13-years-old at the time, expanded on the chorus from “Let’s Play Fortnite!!!!” to write and record the lyrics to “Chug Jug With You,” crediting the chorus to CM Skits in the description of the YouTube video.

Who is Leviathan singer?

Leviathan is an American black metal solo project that started in 1998 by Jef Whitehead under the pseudonym Wrest. San Francisco, California, U.S. On all Leviathan albums, Wrest records all instruments and performs vocals on his own.

Who is the creator of Chug Jug With You?

“Chug Jug With You” was first uploaded to YouTube and Soundcloud two years ago by the content creator Leviathan, who told Inverse that the song was adapted from a skit from another channel and then took off.

How old is Arlo?

Arlo. The last to hatch among his siblings, 11-year-old Arlo has yet to make his mark on his family’s farm. Though he is eager to help out with chores, this sheltered Apatosaurus just can’t seem to get past his fear of everything.

What is Leviathan birthday?

Apr 9, 2021. @ObeyMeOfficial1. Happy birthday Levi-chan.

What series does Levi like in obey me?

Likes. Ruri-chan is one of his favorite anime characters. The story in the Pop Quiz Ruri-chan Is My Bae focuses on his love of the character. In episode two of the Anime, he cosplays as Ruri-chan.