Does Drake follow Lisa Rinna?

Does Drake follow Lisa Rinna?

Catch Up on RHOBH Season 11 in the Free Bravo App! In fact, Lisa appears to be the only Housewife Drake follows on Instagram. So naturally, her fellow Beverly Hills Housewives are hoping for a follow from him, too, according to Instagram comments captured by the Comments by Bravo.

Are Rinna and vanderpump still friends?

Since Vanderpump’s exit, she and Rinna have continued taking jabs at each other on social media and in interviews. The two have shown it’s a far shot from them ever becoming friends again.

What is Lisa Rinna salary?

However, Kyle isn’t the only one stacking in the half-a-million range. Other Housewives who are also paid close to $500k include Lisa Rinna, who is paid $450k per episode, and Erika Jayne who also reportedly makes $500k.

What serial killer did Lois survive?

More than 60 years ago, Lois Rinna survived an attack by David Carpenter, known as the Trailside Killer. Carpenter was a rapist and serial killer who killed at least 10 people, according to People magazine. Lisa Rinna said her mother had been stabbed and hit with a hammer.

Why did Garcelle and Lisa Rinna fall out?

Beauvais and Rinna first butted heads over the former’s defense of Denise Richards throughout Season 10. The “Coming 2 America” star vocally disagreed with Rinna’s decision to dig into Richards’ alleged hookup with ex-“Housewife” Brandi Glanville.

What is the age difference between Lisa Rinna and Harry?

Harry Hamlin on the Secret to 25 Years of Happiness with Lisa Rinna: ‘We’re Diametrically Opposite! ‘ Rinna, 58, and Hamlin, 70, are parents to daughters Delilah Belle, 24, and Amelia Gray, 21.