Do minks catch snakes?

Food and Feeding Behavior: The carnivorous mink hunts a variety of aquatic and terrestrial prey. Frogs, fish, crayfish, mice, voles, muskrats, shrew, moles, freshwater mussels, turtles, snakes, birds and their eggs, and even insects are some of the animals that occur in the diet.

What is a Florida mink?

The Everglades mink is a midsized member of the weasel family that can reach a length of 25 inches (72 centimeters). This species has dark brown and silky fur on the body and may have white spots on their chin and chest.

Is there mink in Florida?

In southern Florida, mink can be found in the freshwater and saltwater marshes of the Everglades. Some known mink hotspots include salt-marsh areas near Fort Clinch State Park, Big Talbot Island State Parks, Cedar Key Scrub State Preserve and the forest of Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park.

Should you report seeing a mink?

Mink will take birds especially when food is short, they are mainly a threat to young birds, and the eggs of any bird nesting near water. Mink sightings can be reported, I think your local Wildlife Trust would probably be the best place to start.