Where is Nicole Johnson now?

When not traveling, Nicole makes her home in Santa Monica, California with her husband and two children, Elliot and Abigail.

What year was Nicole Johnson Miss America?

Nicole Johnson won the Miss America title in 1999. She became the first Miss America with Type 1 diabetes (T1D) and the first contestant to publicize the use of an insulin pump. She’s been a diabetes advocate since her diagnosis during college in 1993.

What did Nicole Johnson do?

How Did Michael Phelps Meet Wife Nicole Johnson? After she was crowned Miss California, Johnson landed a role as an ambassador for California. During this time, she worked exclusively for the welfare of women and to increase the count of participants at the next pageant, among other things.

Can I Have Your Number actress?

Nicole Randall Johnson – IMDb.

Who is the oldest Miss America still alive?

Jo-Carroll Dennison, Oldest Living Miss America, Dead at 97. Please fill out this field.

Who is Nicole Johnson married to?

Nicole Johnson