Is Nihachu still in Guild?

As part of Guild’s content creator roster, Nihachu has already joined us on Super Stream Sunday, and will now produce original content, attend live events and work alongside our partners, pros and creators to produce loads of great co-op content.

Who is Nihachu sponsored by?

Guild Esports, a London-based gaming organization, has signed Niki “Nihachu” to its roster of content creators.

What is Nihachu Valorant rank?

As a result, she is ranked at no. 26 in terms of the fastest growing streamers.

Is Nihachu straight?

Nihachu FAQ s Yes, she is pansexual.

Does Nihachu have a disorder?

Nihachu began her statement by stating that she has long faced eating disorders and has been dealing with body dysmorphia throughout her life. As a result, the 19-year-old content creator said that she faces health issues due to a lack of nutrients in her system.

What are Niki Nihachu pronouns?

Name. Nikita (Niki). Birth date. November 3, 2001. Age. Location. Brighton, England, United Kingdom. Height. 5’6. Pronouns. She/her. IGN. Nihachu. Years active. 2020-present.