Is Jordan same size as Nike?

The short answer is that Jordan and Nike sizing is the same. Both brands are manufactured by Nike and so the sizing for both are identical. If you know your sizing for Jordan, then that is the size you go for Nike and vice versa.

Are Air Jordans true to size?

In general, Nike Air Jordans fit true to size, just like most Nike models. So, you can make sure to choose the size that is the same as your normal size. This might be applied to people with narrow or wide feet. But those with smaller feet can also opt for half of a size down if you prefer a tighter fit.

How do I know my size in Jordans?

Nike Air Jordan 1 The Air Jordan 1 is THE Jordan. It’s also quite easy with the sizing, because the Jordan 1 fits true to size. That means if you normally have a shoe size of 42, then you need a 42 with the AJ1.

Should you buy Jordans a size bigger?

Do Air Jordan 1s fit true to size? The Air Jordan 1 fits true to size. This applies to all low, mid and high versions. You may opt to go up or down half a size for a snugger or roomier fit.

Are Jordan sizes bigger or smaller?

The Air Jordan 1s fit true to size; however, do note that the sneaker can initially feel a little snug as the upper is made of leather.

Do Nike shoes run big or small?

Nike shoe sizing compared to other brands Despite being notorious for running small, Nike shoes actually run true-to-size across the board.