What happened with Ellen and NikkieTutorials?

What happened with Ellen and NikkieTutorials?

YouTuber NikkieTutorials, real name Nikkie de Jager, has spoken out again about how she was treated on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” According to Pop Crave, she told Dutch magazine &C that she was greeted by an angry, overworked intern and then not given the same VIP treatment as the other guests.

Does NikkieTutorials have Instagram?

NikkieTutorials (@nikkietutorials) • Instagram photos and videos.

How long have Nikkie and Dylan been together?

Nikkie De Jager and her love Dylan Drossaers are now married! The beauty YouTuber, most well known as NikkieTutorials, and her beau have been together for several years and engaged for the past three years. Nikkie shared the exciting news on Instagram the day it happened. “06-09-2022 💍 Mr.

How long have Dylan and Hannah been engaged?

Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour have been engaged since 2019 But it wasn’t until season six of Bachelor in Paradise, which aired in 2019, that the pair first crossed paths and got the opportunity to win each other over.

What song did NikkieTutorials walk down the aisle to?

More videos on YouTube In the video, Nikkie also documented the moment that she and Dylan shared their first look — which brought him to tears. The couple walked down the aisle to Lady Gaga’s “Always Remember Me This Way,” which was sang by one of her close friends.

Are NikkieTutorials hooded eyes?

‘I have hooded eyes and if I could pay for an inch more lid space I would really go there! The only thing I do is go beyond the lines, go beyond what I see, and I create what I want to see. For me, if I’m going ‘into my crease’ I would go way above the actual crease.