What happened to Sadie Robertson during birth?

What happened to Sadie Robertson during birth?

The shoulder was clamping the umbilical cord, causing her not to get air.” Robertson said her doctor frantically tried to break Honey’s shoulder to get her out. “Every second counts, and they couldn’t get her out for two minutes and 10 seconds,” she said. “So, this really was very scary and really dangerous.

What is Sadie Robertson’s story?

Sadie Carroway Robertson Huff (born June 11, 1997) is an American actress and businesswoman. She rose to fame on the A&E reality television show Duck Dynasty. She is a prominent Christian media personality and host of WHOA, That’s Good Podcast. Monroe, Louisiana, U.S.

Why is Sadie Robertsons baby named Honey?

The couple chose their daughter’s name before her birth, explaining that the moniker was inspired by Proverbs 16:24. “Gracious words are like HONEY, sweetness to the soul and health to the body,” Sadie captioned an April 2021 Instagram photo of a stuffed animal wearing a “Honey” sweater. “I’ve always loved this verse.

Did Sadie Robertson get an epidural?

Once the pain of labor kicked in, Robertson forfeited more of her plan in favor of getting an epidural. “That thing was awesome, I have to say. It was amazing. It was a game changer, I felt so good,” she said.