What happened between Sage the Gemini and Jordin Sparks?

What happened between Sage the Gemini and Jordin Sparks?

According to one insider, their relationship started off great in the beginning but as time went on Sparks was having trust issues—and Sage wasn’t helping the matter any with his behavior. They had previously been able to work things out, but not this time.

Did Jordin Sparks Date Sage the Gemini?

The rapper goes public with his heartbreak. We’re sure many people can relate to Sage the Gemini’s post-breakup heartache. His relationship with singer Jordin Sparks ended after 10 months of dating, and the rapper took to Instagram to express his pain.

Why did Jordin Sparks leave Jason Derulo?

Jason And Jordin Aren’t On Friendly Terms Jason later revealed that part of the reason for their breakup was the pressure he felt about marriage. He had even penned a song called “Marry Me” for Jordin who appeared in the music video for the track before they called it quits.

Did Jordin Sparks date sage?

Sage The Gemini Makes Instagram Plea to Ex Jordin Sparks, Delivers ‘I’ll Keep Loving You’ Days after reports of their split, rapper Sage the Gemini pined for his ex, singer Jordin Sparks, on Instagram.