Where is Shalini Pandey from?

Shalini Pandey

What did Shalini Pandey study?

Shalini Pandey education She attended Christ Church Girls Higher Secondary School in Jabalpur for her high schooling. She graduated from Jabalpur’s global engineering college with a bachelor’s degree in computer science engineering.

Is Shalini a vegetarian?

Shalini quips, “Being a Punjabi, I’m a hardcore non-vegetarian.

Why Shalini quit acting?

Shalini quits the film industry She had felt she could not handle her acting career along with household responsibilities. She had said that her husband Ajith’s company was more important for her and she did not regret quitting her profession.

Who is Preeti in Arjun Reddy?

Vijay Deverakonda’s Arjun Reddy has completed five years. And, to mark the day, actress Shalini Pandey has penned a heartwarming note. Shalini, who played the role of “Preeti” in Arjun Reddy, shared a picture of herself with Vijay Deverakonda from the blockbuster Telugu film on Instagram.

Who is the slimmest actress in India?

1. Kalki Koechlin. No doubt, her acting is better than her body.