Did Shannon break up with Fletcher?

Apparently Fletcher and Shannon’s breakup coincided with the pandemic, and Shannon ended up quarantining with Fletcher and her family, collaborating on music videos for “The [S]ex Tapes,” which was entirely about their breakup.

Where did Shannon Beveridge go to college?

Shannon Beveridge

Where did Cammie Scott go to college?

Cammie has created her own channel called ‘In Full Bloom Cammie Scott’. The YouTube channel contains videos of her daily activities, self-care, wellness, and beauty. Considering her educational background, Scott attended Victor Valley High School and later enrolled at Victory Valley Ems College.

Who is Taryn Arnold?

Professionally, Taryn is a Senior Content Strategist for LiveControl, and previously did brand/writing things for companies like Microsoft, Patreon, Community, Stem, and more. Early reports show she’s pretty good at her job.

Did Shannon have a concussion?

Luckily for Shannon, the hospital was not too far from the resort, and she was able to get checked out. The hospital released Shannon after confirming that she had a mild concussion. The nurses also had to ask if she would want to press charges against Kelly for assault.

Is Shannon still friends with Vicki?

They were so close, in fact, that they even called themselves the “Tres Amigas.” After Vicki exited RHOC, her relationship with Shannon changed, and their friendship ended in a rift.