Who acted Ali in Squid Game?

Squid Game’s Anupam Tripathi Talks Playing Ali Abdul in Interview – Netflix Tudum.

Who is the Indian actor on Squid Game?

In Squid Game, Anupam Tripathi plays a Pakistani migrant worker Ali. It’s a tear-jerker character for his display of innocence and loyalty throughout the brutal survival game.

Where is Ali Abdul from Squid Game from in real life?

The Delhi-born actor plays Contestant 199 Ali Abdul, an undocumented migrant worker from Pakistan who joins 455 other debt-ridden contestants as they participate in a series of children’s games with a deadly twist; all for a whopping cash prize.

Is Ali Abdul from Squid Game Pakistani?

The character Ali Abdul (portrayed by actor Anupam Tripathi) is a Pakistani migrant worker in South Korea whose boss hasn’t paid him in months. Ali joins a secret competition called Squid Game to earn money for his family.