Did Steve cheat on Vickie?

Gunvalson then publicly bashed her ex, claiming he cheated, lied and used her. “While I was out of town working on a biz trip, [Lodge] took [the woman] to my condo in Mexico!” she alleged in a post on Instagram in October 2021. “He’s been flaunting around my town in OC making out in public places. It’s disgusting.”

Are Vicky and Steve still together?

Steve has moved on from his relationship with Vicki, and she is also with someone new. The RHOC alum is currently dating a man named Michael. New episodes of The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip Ex-Wives Club drop on Peacock on Thursdays.

What happened between Vicki and Steve Lodge?

“He broke up with me,” she told several of the women in the June 23 premiere, now streaming on Peacock, after Tamra Judge spilled to the group that her BFF was single again. Vicki added in an interview in the episode, “Steve and I were together almost six years, engaged for two and a half.

Are Eddie and Tamra still married?

Tamra Judge and husband Eddie Judge are entering the final CUT. The Real Housewives of Orange County couple recently announced that they’re closing their CUT Fitness studio after nearly 10 years in business, and now Tamra is reflecting on both their professional and romantic journey.