What did Steven Beard do for a living?

What did Steven Beard do for a living?

At 17, she got pregnant and went on to have twins, Jennifer and Kristina. Celeste was married 5 times. Her fourth husband was Steven Beard whom she met while working as a waitress at the Austin Country Club. Steven Beard had made his mark as the co-owner of a local television station.

What happened to the daughters of Celeste Beard?

In the media In 2017, Celeste’s daughter, Jennifer, was wounded after a shooting while attending a Halloween party. She had to undergo more than ten surgeries but survived. In 2021, the case was covered in the “Fatal Fortune” episode of Vengeance: Killer Millionaires.

How many children did Steve Beard have?

Moreover, Beard rewrote his will, including not just the three children from his first marriage, but also Celeste and her twin daughters. For much of her life, Celeste had been haunted by depression. In 1999, with Beard’s support, she checked herself into St.

How much did Celeste Beard inherit?

I mean, I have to face that fact,” adds Celeste. Celeste says that if she’s convicted, the twins would get a share of her inheritance — an estimated $2 million each. But if Celeste goes free, Steven Beard’s will calls for the girls to get significantly less. “They have two million reasons to lie,” says Celeste.