How do you track your order on StockX?

How do you track your order on StockX?

To check out the current status and delivery tracking of your order, visit You can also follow UPS and DHL service alerts to keep up to date on COVID-19 shipping delays.

How do I know if my order is confirmed StockX?

As a Buyer, you can expect to receive the following email notifications from StockX when you purchase an item: An order confirmation (including order number) when your purchase is completed. A confirmation when the Seller ships the item to the Authentication Centre.

How long does a StockX order take?

StockX strives to deliver your item to you within 7-12 business days. Although this may be slightly longer than you are used to, since the StockX marketplace deals with high value and rare products, we want to ensure that the items you purchase on our site meet our internal quality standards.

Who delivers StockX?

StockX makes a lot of its deliveries through UPS, and it allows Buyers to use UPS My Choice to manage their delivery options. Options that may be available to you through My Choice are: Estimated delivery time tracking.