Why are pole dancing heels so high?

Why are pole dancing heels so high?

Pole dancing heels are specially constructed to make dancing easier. The angled heel and one-piece shank provide support and keep your weight distributed. The front sole of the shoe is angled to help with rocking forward and spinning. Padded lining provides comfort for long nights on your feet.

What are pole dancing heels called?

Heels come with a variety of names, whether it’s a stripper heel, platform heel, pole heel, Pleaser, or simply “shoes.” Regardless of the name, how in the world do you use this tool? If you’re looking at purchasing your first pair, see our guide to choosing your heels to get the best experience.

Why are the shoes called Pleasers?

For anyone unaware, Pleasers is a footwear brand that specializes in platform high heels that are commonly associated with strippers. Pleasers have risen in popularity in recent years, from pole dancers to people feeling adventurous with a new shoe choice.

Can you dance in heels on carpet?

Dancing on these surfaces can be dangerous in any type of shoe, regardless of the standard of the dancer. The shoes to be most careful with are tap shoes and pointe shoes. In pointe shoes, carpet will make the foot unstable, slippy floors can be dangerous, and hard floorings can put added pressure on bones.