Who are The Bachelor Clayton’s final four?

Who are The Bachelor Clayton’s final four?

Clayton’s final four Bachelor contestants who received Hometown Dates are Susie, Rachel, Serene and Gabby. See below for where their Hometown Dates were and when they were filmed in order.

Who does Clayton pick for his wife?

Clayton talks to Susie one more time and convinces her to stay. Susie meets Clayton’s parents; Clayton chooses Susie and breaks up with both Gabby and Rachel. On final rose ceremony day, Susie says she’s not in love and leaves Clayton.

Does Clayton end up with Susie on The Bachelor?

Clayton’s finale airs and—surprise! —we find out he and Susie are back together and have been dating this entire time.

Who does Clayton get engaged to?

Clayton Echard and Susie Evans: A Timeline of Their Relationship. “I had the ring with me,” the former football player, 28 exclusively told Us Weekly on Wednesday, March 16.