Who is the owner of Kaleidoscope Hair Products?

Who is the owner of Kaleidoscope Hair Products?

Jesseca Faye Harris-Dupart (born February 12, 1982) is an American entrepreneur and the founder and chief executive officer of Kaleidoscope Hair Products. She was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana and founded Kaleidoscope Hair Studio in 2013 in New Orleans as a single mother.

What is Jesseca Dupart hair products?

Founded in 2014 by Jesseca Dupart, Kaleidoscope Hair Products is a fast-growing hair health brand that is now available in Walmart and Target stores. The company offers a variety of hair care products that address moisture control, therapeutics, hair growth and general maintenance.

What hair product does Kandi Burruss use?

The Miracle Scalp & Hair Product Kandi Burruss Swears By Is Available At Target — Shop Now.

What does the brats wife do for a living?

Jesseca Dupart is a business owner and entrepreneur with a charming and inclusive personality. She’s also the wife of famed rapper Da Brat.