How much is the brats wife net worth?

She has a reported net worth of around $10 million—a sizable fortune.

How did Jessica Dupart make her money?

Born and raised in New Orleans, during 2013 Dupart invested her savings in starting-up Kaleidoscope Hair Studio; a move that may have seemed risky for a single mother but she had faith in her vision, later expanding her business into Kaleidoscope Hair Products, real estate management, public speaking, mentorship and …

Who is the owner of Kaleidoscope Hair Products?

Founded in 2014 by Jesseca Dupart, Kaleidoscope Hair Products is a fast-growing hair health brand that is now available in Walmart and Target stores.

Who are Jesseca Dupart kids?

She has three kids Dupart has two sons named Byron Jr. and Jay, and a daughter named Deja. In March 2020, Dupart became a grandmother as Deja gave birth to her daughter Kenzie at age 21.

Did brat pay off her debt?

Da Brat has officially started paying off her massive debt after being ordered to pay $6.4 million to an assault victim by an Atlanta jury last month. The rapper is paying it forward to an ex-NFL cheerleader for reportedly clocking her over the head with a bottle in an Atlanta nightclub back in 2007.

Who owns BB hair?

Today Bronner Bros. is headed by the second generation. Bernard Bronner leads the company as president and CEO. The Bronner Bros. Enterprise consists of Bronner Bros. Beauty Products which include BB, African Royale, 4Naturals, Tropical Roots and NuExpressions product lines, UPSCALE Magazine, Bronner Bros.