Who are the characters in Coming to America?

Who are the characters in Coming to America?

Paul Bates. Oha. Eddie Murphy. Garcelle Beauvais. Rose Bearer. Feather. Stephanie Simon. Rose Bearer. Victoria Dillard. Felicia Taylor. Bather. Midori. James Earl Jones. King Jaffe Joffer. Madge Sinclair. Sheila Johnson. Lady-in-Waiting. Arsenio Hall. Raymond D. Turner. T-Shirt Hawker. Billi Gordon. Large Woman.

Who is the beautiful girl in Coming to America?

Shari Headley (born July 15, 1964) is an American actress and former model. She is best known for her role as Lisa McDowell in the 1988 box-office hit romantic comedy film Coming to America and its sequel Coming 2 America (2021).

Is the country Zamunda real?

to America.

Who were the flower girls in Coming to America?

Garcelle Beauvais (right) plays a flower thrower in the original. Although we never learn her name in the film, Garcelle Beauvais’ flower thrower was one of the many women at Prince Akeem’s disposal when he took off to find true love.