Who is Theresa married to from The Challenge?

Who is Theresa married to from The Challenge?

The Challenge’s Theresa Jones, née Gonzalez, is married to professional NFL football player TJ Jones. Here’s what to know about her husband. Theresa Jones, née Gonzalez, has been absent from MTV for six years, but she made a buzzed-about return in the December 9 premiere of The Challenge: Double Agents.

How old is Theresa from The Challenge?

Theresa is one of the original players to ever compete on MTV’s The Challenge. The Challenge Wiki notes she’s 35 years old and soon to be 36, as she was born on Aug. 3, 1985.

Where is Theresa The Challenge from?

Theresa first appeared in Fresh Meat II, where the Milwaukee resident stood out for her height, athleticism, and fondness for the boys.

Are Nany and Theresa friends?

Being paired with Wes, it was obvious she wouldn’t be close with Bananas. However, Bananas was paired with Nany. On Free Agents, Theresa and Nany became close. Nany even confronted Theresa for her betraying their friendship.

Did Melissa get pregnant on The Challenge?

“It wasn’t until we actually got back to Prague and was actually in the shower in Bayleigh’s room that I was like, ‘Bayleigh, I think I might be pregnant. ‘ And then I got home and went to the doctor’s and found out I was actually four months pregnant.”

Was Natalie pregnant on The Challenge?

“I found out I was pregnant while I was out there,” she reveals. “Even though I had to leave the show, this was a new journey for me with my boyfriend, Devin [Perez], and I was 100 percent comfortable moving forward with him in this decision. But in the end it wasn’t my decision. I ended up having a miscarriage.”