Who does this is us Kevin end up with?

It isn’t until he comes out on the other side of a lifelong battle with maturity that a newly divorced Sophie shows up again — this time at Kate’s wedding to Phillip — and Kevin is ready. It’s Rebecca who ties it all together for the two.

Does Kevin end up with Sophie This is us?

In response, Kevin shows her the Valentine’s card he wrote to her on her first day of elementary school. As he says, he has kept it on his person at all times since he first laid eyes on her. As such, Kevin’s search for the one ends. Kevin and Sophie are still very much together by the series finale, too.

Who was Kevin’s wife on This Is Us?

Eldest brother Kevin Pearson (portrayed by Justin Hartley) was a single playboy when the series debuted. However, devoted fans quickly learned that he was long divorced after his marriage to Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge) imploded amid cheating allegations.

Does Kevin get married on this is us?

Sophie, played by Alexandra Breckenridge They eventually got married right before Kevin went to L.A. to pursue acting and Sophie went to school in New York. However, Kevin cheats on her early into their marriage, leading to their breakup. (We see all this play out in a Season 6, Episode 6 flashback.)

What happens to Miguel in this is us?

We were reminded of this yet again at the devastating close of Season 6, Episode 15 when it was revealed that Miguel (Jon Huertas) died. Huertas told EW that he’s known about Miguel’s fate since Season 3.

Who does Kate Pearson end up with?

It’s at least 15 to 20 years in the future. For the first time in the entire series, we know Kate is alive and happily married to Phillip.