How did Trace Adkins break his finger?

How did Trace Adkins break his finger?

Adkins was working on his property in rural Middle Tennessee when a 400-pound boulder, dislodged by the front end loader and trailer Adkins was operating, ran over his left hand. The ends of his middle and index fingers were crushed in the incident.

Do the actors in Monarch do their own singing?

Sarandon has highlighted her voice in a handful of movies and TV shows, most notably “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” and “Feud.” The star did perform songs herself in “Monarch,” though she revealed to ET Canada that she’s grateful there are few times she does sing in the show.

Is Trace Adkins still married to Victoria Pratt?

Trace is married to actress Victoria Pratt.

What country singer has the most children?

Full House can’t compare to Willie Nelson’s house. The country legend is one of nearly 20 country music stars with a lot of kids — as in, more kids than you can safely fit in a mom-mobile. Three singers on this list have eight kids, while one country celebrity has an astonishing 13 children!