What happened to Maxi from Bondi Rescue?

What happened to Maxi from Bondi Rescue?

Two years later, he earned the title of Qualified Rescue Operator as part of the Heavy Rescue team at the City of Sydney Fire Station. He’s since released his own children’s book series ‘Maxi The Lifeguard’, which he co-authored with David Lawrence.

Is Maxi from Bondi Rescue married?

Former Bondi Rescue star Trent Maxwell married fiancée Tahlia Plucke on Saturday. The longterm couple, who have been together for seven years, said ‘I do’ on Whale Beach on Sydney’s Northern Beaches during a very intimate ceremony.

How old is Maxi from Bondi Rescue now?

And now the Bondi Rescue fan favourite, 28, is already looking towards the next step, revealing to New Idea that the newlyweds are hoping to start their own family.

Which Bondi Rescue lifeguard went to jail?

When breath tested, Hoppo blew more than three times over the legal limit and was arrested on sight.

Which Bondi lifeguard broke his back?

Bondi Rescue star Jesse Pollock breaks his back at Ours.

Why did Bondi Rescue get Cancelled?

Bondi Rescue: Bali The spin-off failed to score ratings, and was cancelled after four episodes.