What mutant was in Black Widow?

Black Widow features a cameo from Ursa Major, whom many consider the MCU’s first mutant. Ursa Major is a Russian superhero with the ability to turn into a bear, giving him superhuman strength, sharp claws, greater stamina, and increased durability.

How powerful is Ursa Major Marvel?

Superhuman Strength: While transformed, Ursa Major possesses superhuman strength much greater than average humans and than of an actual brown bear of similar size. At his peak, his strength is sufficient to lift about 15 tons.

Who is the first mutant in MCU?

Namor. Namor is commonly referred to as “Marvel’s first mutant.” He may not be as old as ancients like Selene and Apocalypse, but he does have the distinction of being the first mutant character to actually appear in a comic book (1939’s Marvel Comics #1, to be specific).

What team was Ursa Major on?

“Ursa is part of the Winter Guard, noted for being Russia’s answer to the Avengers. His power transforms him into an incredible bear, transcending the Hulk in size. Ursa appears many times in the comics fighting Wolverine and the Hulk.