Did Valerie Thomas invent 3D?

She is credited with inventing the illusion transmitter, the first mechanism to create the appearance of a 3D image using concave mirrors and rays of light. She received a patent for this in 1980. Thomas’s career began at NASA in 1964, when she was first hired as a mathematician/data analyst.

Does Valerie Thomas have a husband?

No, there is no public record of Valerie Thomas being married. Valerie Thomas is a scientist and mathematician who started working for NASA in 1964.

What does Valerie Thomas do now?

Today, she is the president of her regional chapter of Shades of Blue, an organization promoting students’ interests in aviation and aerospace careers. Thomas describes herself as a “lifetime learner,” and during her time at NASA she went on to earn her master’s and doctoral degrees.

Where does Valerie Thomas live now?

Currently, she resides in Prince George’s County, Maryland where she is a substitute teacher and is active with STEM organizations such as Science, Mathematics, Aerospace, Research, and Technology, Inc., and SHADES OF BLUE.