How do I beat Odin in Valhalla?

Fighting and beating Odin in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla is easy. Valhalla players only need to drop their axe, which they can do by entering the inventory menu and unequipping the weapon.

How do you stop the Odin fight?

Once the player has unequipped their weapon, they will now be able to escape and must run toward Sigurd and the staircase off in the distance. Do not turn back and look at Odin or try to punch him to death with Eivor’s bare fists. Just run to the staircase to finish the fight and get to end of the Prophecy storyline.

Can you beat Odin in a brother’s keeper?

Sure, you can attack Odin and parry his attacks, but the key to advancing is to unequip your axe as he has control over it. Unequip your axe and then run to the large door in the perimeter to escape the fight. A cutscene will begin when you reach the door.

How do you escape Odin?

The correct way to get rid of AC Valhalla Odin is actually very easy, the players need to just unequip their Axe through the inventory in the pause menu and Odin will get frightened and start running away, asking Eivor to fight him like a warrior.