Are Vanessa and Chris from MAFS still together?

Are Vanessa and Chris from MAFS still together?

Their relationship had deteriorated rapidly during an 11-day production break in early October, and they were allowed to leave before the commitment ceremony. The events that led to their bitter split were never caught on camera.

Where is Chris now from Married at First Sight?

Although Chris left the show before the other couples even got to Decision Day themselves, he seems to be living his best life post-Married at First Sight. He’s a real estate agent, and his Instagram is full of listings and promotional material for his business.

Is Chris from Married at First Sight dating Olivia?

How Chris Collette Revealed Romance With Fellow MAFS Alum Olivia Cornu. Married at First Sight’s Chris Collette has moved on from his short marriage to Alyssa Ellman with Olivia Cornu, who appeared in MAFS season 11.

Are Alyssa and Chris MAFS together?

MARRIED at First Sight’s Chris Collette has revealed which cast member he’s dating after his divorce from Alyssa Ellman. After Chris and Alyssa’s marriage ended in shambles, he sat down with his cast members Mark Maher and Steve Moy to say he’s still looking for love on the show.