Is Bianca Wilfork married?

Bianca Wilfork

Where does Vince Wilfork live now?

Since his retirement in 2017, Wilfork has posted on his social media about golf outings, grilling and fishing while living in Houston. He has also spent a lot of time with his family, his wife Bianca and his three children D’Aundre, Destiny and David, even coaching his son’s little league baseball team.

How much did Vince Wilfork weigh at his heaviest?

Wilfork was listed at 325 pounds during his 13-season NFL career, 11 of which he spent with New England, according to Pro Football Reference. He told reporters Thursday that he attributed his weight loss to a focus on a healthy lifestyle and a “stress-free” life post-retirement.

Why did Vince Wilfork retire?

While, physically, Wilfork said he felt good enough to continue playing, the decision to retire was ultimately about whether or not he was mentally ready to take the field again. “When I felt like I was tired of the grind and mentally I was exhausted, and I didn’t want to do it anymore, I called it quits.