Where can I watch Deji match?

To sign up to DAZN and to purchase the pay-per-view card, click here. The fights can then be watched online or via your TV or mobile device using the DAZN app.

What time is Dejis fight?

Deji vs Fousey – real name Yousef Saleh Erakat – will take place on the undercard of KSI’s event with ring walks expected at around 8:30pm.

How did Vinnie Hacker get famous?

He got a TikTok account in 2019 like the rest of his peers and began posting lip-syncing and selfie videos. In 2020, Hacker’s accounts blew up, and he raked in millions of followers.

Did Kenny lose his fight?

But King Kenny was crowned the victor due to a majority vote. “It’s hard when you’re fighting to decide. I felt it was close […] When it’s close, you can’t leave it to the judges,” Sensei said after the match when asked about the results.