Who did Goff play for before the Lions?

Goff oversaw further improved fortunes for the Rams in 2018, which saw the team reach Super Bowl LIII, the franchise’s first Super Bowl appearance since 2001. He also received Pro Bowl honors in both seasons. Amid a production decline during his next two years, Goff was traded to the Lions in 2021.

What NFL teams has Goff played for?

Jared Goff

Is Goff better than Stafford?

By many measures, Stafford was markedly better than Goff last season. It’s the difference between a top-10 quarterback in the league (at least according to one ranking) and a quarterback that lands significantly lower.

How much does quarterback Jared Goff make?

Goff, who was traded from the Los Angeles Rams to the Lions, signed a four-year extension in 2019 in L.A. worth $134 million.