What school did Spencer James go to?

At South Crenshaw High School, Spencer, in an attempt to protect his friend, Coop, gets into a fight. Returning home, he’s greeted by Coach Baker. It seems as if he’s told Spencer’s mother, Grace, all about the offer.

Where do Jordan and Spencer go to college?

In season 4, she pursues a career in journalism by attending Golden Angeles University, the same college as Spencer and Jordan. Michael Evans Behling as Jordan Baker, Billy and Laura’s son, Olivia’s twin brother, Willie’s grandson, and quarterback for Beverly High.

What college did Spencer Paysinger commit to?

A scholarship to the University of Oregon followed, and Paysinger became team captain and was part of the team’s first undefeated season. Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in economics, he began his NFL career with the New York Giants, winning Super Bowl XLVI during his rookie season.

Is Golden Angeles a real University?

El Camino will serve as the set for Golden Angeles University, a fictional school in the show where the character Wade Waters, played by actor Christian James, plays quarterback for the Condors Football team.