What ethnicity is Xander?

Early life. Schauffele was born on October 25, 1993 in San Diego, California to a French/German naturalized immigrant father and a Taiwanese naturalized immigrant mother who grew up in Japan.

Where was Xander Schauffele born?

Xander Schauffele

Where is theegala from?

Sahith Theegala

Is Xander an Irish name?

Answer. Xander in Irish is Alsandór. The meaning of Alsandór is Shortened form of Alexander.

Is the name Xander Greek?

Short form of Alexander. Derived from Greek name Alexandros meaning “a protector of men”.

Is Xander part Japanese?

Xander Schauffele has to have a colorful background to his life. His father is half German, half French, and his mother is from Japan.