Where is Gardner Minshew from?

Gardner Minshew

What is Gardner Minshew salary?

What is this? As per the sportrac.com, Gardner Minshew previously signed a 4-year contract worth $2,710,884 with the Jacksonville Jaguars. As of now, Minshew is on his rookie contract with Philadelphia Eagles and has a base salary of $2.54 million with a matching cap hit in 2022.

Why is Minshew called the jock strap king?

“His name is ‘Jock Strap King,'” Fournette said, referencing a tale he told recently about how Minshew stretches in his, well, jock strap, in the locker room. And then, after giving Minshew that nickname more befitting of a high school player, Fournette shared some genuine praise for the rookie.

How much do GMs of NFL teams make?

Many GMs in the NFL tend to make between $1 million and $3 million annually. Some make even more.