What is Michael Jordan’s shoe size?

Michael Jordan

Which NBA player has the biggest shoe size?

Tacko Fall- size 22 Fall, who comes in at 7 ft 6, has the biggest feet in the NBA, with a shoe size of 22, matching the only other player with that shoe size, retired Shaquille O’Neal.

How do Nike LeBron shoes fit?

The knit on the LeBron upper offers up a snug, purposeful fit, even more so than his previous knit models. If you’re buying them for basketball purposes SoleSavy Director of Video Tony Mui recommends going up a half size especially if you intend on playing with Nike Elite socks.

Who wears the biggest shoe size?

This award goes to the late Robert Wadlow of Alton, IL. Born February 22, 1918, Robert was 8 feet 11 inches tall and weighed 439 pounds. He wore a whopping size 37AA shoe.