What teams did Chad Henne play with?

Chad Henne

How much money does Chad Henne make with the Chiefs?

(AP) — The Kansas City Chiefs have agreed to a $2 million contract with quarterback Chad Henne, keeping their longtime backup to Patrick Mahomes in the fold for next season, a person familiar with the deal told The Associated Press.

How long has Chad Henne been with the Chiefs?

To date, Chad Henne has played for three NFL teams Miami Dolphins from (2008 to 2011), Jacksonville Jaguars from (2012 to 2017), and the Kansas City Chiefs from (2018 to 2020).

Who is the highest paid NFL backup quarterback?

The highest-paid backup is indeed Sam Darnold ($7.5 million), who some say may actually take over the starting position any week now, followed by Trubisky ($7.1 million), Garoppolo ($7 million), and Bridgewater ($6.5 million).