Will there be another Sex and the City 2022?

And Just Like That…, season two of Sex and the City’s reboot series is officially underway. Sarah Jessica Parker revealed the news in September 2022 by posting an image of the script on her Instagram page.

What time does the Sex and the City reboot come out?

And Just Like That, the HBO Max Sex and the City revival, will arrive fashionably late at midnight PT on December 9. Set in a modern-day Manhattan, the series follows leading ladies Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte (no Samantha this time) as they navigate their 50s.

Will the new Sex and the City be on HBO?

More Stories by Rick. And Just Like That, HBO Max will spend some more time with Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte. The streamer has picked up a second season of And Just Like That, the Sex and the City sequel that wrapped its 10-episode first season in February.

What day is the new Sex and the City released?

The show will be released on December 9, 2021, on HBO Max. “[We are] shooting, as we speak, the next chapter of ‘Sex and the City’ — or as we like to call it, ‘And Just Like That’ — with some beloved friends,” Sarah Jessica Parker said in the video. “‘And Just Like That’ will premiere in December on HBO Max.”