What is the meaning of Naomi as a name?

Naomi is a feminine name of Hebrew origin. Meaning “pleasant” or “gentle,” it is a popular choice among followers of the Torah. Naomi frequently features throughout the Hebrew Bible as a compassionate woman who faces many challenges throughout life.

What is a nickname for Naomi?

The most common is “Nay-OH-me.” Popularity: In North America, Naomi is a very popular girls’ name. Nicknames: Noma, Nomi, Mimi, Mims.

Where does the Naomi come from?

The name Naomi is of Hebrew origin and means “pleasantness”. It is derived from the Hebrew name Na’omi. Although a popular Jewish name, Naomi didn’t really become popular until the Protestant Reformation. The name also has separate Japanese origins as a unisex name meaning “straight and beautiful.”