Where is Axeman from on Street Outlaws?

So, how did the father-of-four obtain the success he and his family have today? While axman keeps many details of his personal life private, some eagle-eyed internet sleuths have been able to piece together the Virginia native’s professional life through the years.

Where does Axman and Sarah live?

As you (probably) know, Axman is based in Altavista, Va., and that’s where their family currently resides. It also happens to be where Sarah’s family restaurant, Two Sisters Tap Room and Deli, is located.

Why did Big Chief leave Street Outlaws?

It appears as though the real reason why Big Chief is not on Street Outlaws has to do with production company rules, and he seemed to specifically take issue with the company’s “race your way in” policy. This policy dictates that the winners of select preseason races would then be tapped to take part in Street Outlaws.