What does Axman do for a living on Street Outlaws?

What does Axman do for a living on Street Outlaws?

He also comes from a long line of loggers. Fans were stunned to learn that outside of street racing, Axman is rumored to be the owner of Axman Enterprises Tree and Stump Removal.

Who is the girl with Axman?

Axman from Street Outlaws’s wife is Sarah Mattox. She is an auto racer and reality television star. She is also a mother of three children and quite supportive of her husband’s profession.

Is Doc from Street Outlaws still alive?

He was 41. Discovery and the official Twitter account for the “Street Outlaws” franchise confirmed the news on Monday morning. “The ‘Street Outlaws’ family is heartbroken by the accident that led to the tragic death of Ryan Fellows,” a Discovery spokesperson told Variety.

What is Axman real name?

Larry Roach aka Axman on Street Outlaws is married to a woman named Sarah. They have three kids together and recently gave birth to their youngest (and only daughter). Their names are Nitro, Cam, and Nova. They also co-parent a son named Ryder who came from a previous relationship.