Why is there no Daily Pop today?

Deadline understands that the cable network is restructuring, canceling shows such as Daily Pop and Nightly Pop, leading to the departure of production staff of those shows.

Is Daily Pop Cancelled 2022?

The daytime show Daily Pop will end its five-year run in September, and companion Nightly Pop will go dark in October.

Why is Daily Pop not on 2022?

Get ready to say goodbye to Daily Pop and Nightly Pop. E! has canceled both pop culture news shows, and the cable channel is looking at adding a new nightly program. Tracie Wilson, EVP of Syndication Studios and E! News at NBCUniversal, informed the staff of the end of both shows on Friday, per Deadline.

What happened to the Daily Pop host?

Morgan Stewart started making frequent appearances in early 2018 and later became a full-time host. Stewart also previously appeared on the E! reality series Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. Culiner left the show on May 5, 2021. Stewart announced she left the show to focus on hosting Nightly Pop on June 13, 2022.