What does Evan Marriott do now?

The series only lasted a handful of episodes, and marked the end of Evan’s foray into reality TV. He currently enjoys a low profile while living in Orange County, California, where he continues to work in construction but has opened his own company.

Is Evan and Zora still together?

Zora Andrich and Evan split the $1 million prize before splitting up themselves. However, she told the New York Post in December that she still keeps in touch with her ex. “Evan and I have talked over the years,” she revealed. “We share an experience of which few others can relate.

Where is Zora Andrich now?

Andrich now works in healthcare and teaches yoga on the side. She and Marriott ended their brief relationship before the show even aired.

Is Joe Millionaire still with his choice?

At the end of Fox’s “Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer,” Steven McBee and Kurt Sowers walked away with love — or so it seemed. McBee chose Calah Jackson on the finale, and the pair are still going strong nearly four months later.